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High-Tech Service offers Pest Control services to the Lakes Region of Arkansas

and Missouri.


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About High-Tech Service


High-Tech Service is a locally owned and operated company that provides

Pest Control, Lawn and Tree services to Arkansas and Missouri.





The best in the business


Our job is only as good as our team members and the materials we use. This is why we always use the best quality materials and chemicals in the field. Not only is that safer, but it’s more effective in controlling pests. After over four decades in the business, we understand that constantly learning and retraining ourselves is how we can best serve you. We assure all your questions will be answered and that you feel comfortable with every step in the Pest Control process. We believe in personal attention, we’re not a “one-size-fits-all” kind of company, each job we do is unique and customized to your needs. For a free estimate, speak to one of our friendly team members today.

There was a loss of chemicals that were once very effective, however, finding better and safer ways to control pests with new advancements in technology, research of chemicals, and the introduction of essential oils and other eco-friendly methods. Our mission is to serve you in the best way possible; taking care of your pest problems in the safest way for you, your family, and pets.

We believe in old school work ethics even with our new technology and modern chemicals in pest control; taking that extra step to be thorough with inspections and applications. We cover all areas of baseboard, outlets, and small crevices known to harbor pests. Like human viruses, pests can grow immune to certain chemicals, this is why we rotate our chemicals with each application to prevent this from occurring. Our technicians have over 90 years of combined experience and continual service with customers since 1970. We are passionate about all the services we offer to you, including weed and brush prevention, tree and lawn services, boat dock spider spraying and all areas of pest control.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you spray for spiders?

Absolutely, by applying a combination of liquids, dust, and micro capsulize are very effective to kill spiders.


How long do my treatments last?

Chemicals have a residual of about 60 days; it is recommended that treatment is done every other month in normal circumstances.


Are your chemicals harmful to my pets or family?

We use Eco-Friendly chemicals; when more harsh applications are needed, they will be done in unobtrusive areas & will be discussed on needed basis.


What can be done about bed bugs?

Being proactive in the application of areas where they are known to harbor, with a monthly service is very effective. Should home or business invasion occur, we are equipped with commercial heat units that will kill bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs.


Do you treat for termites?

Yes, we use a bait that attracts the termites, in turn they carry the chemicals back to the nest to kill the colony.


Can you kill bag worms on my trees?

Yes, we can spray all vegetation for all unwanted pests such as mites, beetles, scale and more. WE can even fertilize and root feet your trees, shrubs, and lawn.


Do I need to spray in the winter?

Yes, pests look for warm places, too.


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